My name is Gerd Böttler. I live with my family in Tübingen, a city in the southwest of Germany.
It's a privilege for me to be able to work and combine the crafts that I love: music production, sound design and computer animation. To give you an idea what keeps me attracted to these three, I wrote a few lines. Hope you enjoy.
Music excites emotion. In a way it is the direct key to people’s hearts. The right music in the right moment makes people connect with their core self. It's still an unsolved mystery. I don’t know of any other medium that can do something alike. It goes without saying, but still: just remember the moments when you got goosebumps out of the blue while listening to music. I’m striving to create just that.
Sound is vital. It is everywhere. As far as I know you'd have to go to space to escape it. Did you ever notice that we can close our eyes but we can’t close our ears? Our minds filter sounds permanently. That’s why sound design can be used subtly and yet make a difference in the credibility of the world we create on screen. Well-crafted sound design can even tell a story on its own.
Animation is anarchy. What I mean by that is: There are no rules. Or to put it another way: The rules of this physical world don't necessarily adapt. It's easy and often times essential to break them. It's like endless play. Everything is possible. Every world you can imagine, every character, every plot – they can be created. It’s infinite. That's why it is highly addictive and ever so impressive.
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