Whenever wood is planed, there are chippings. There is dust in the air when sanding. In short: wherever people work, there is dirt. Wouldn't it be nice, just to be...dust-free?
Enter a team of vacuum cleaners made by Festool. Our film "dustfree" shows some of the impressive tricks these little fellas have to offer to fight the nasty dust!
You can find a couple of behind-the-scenes-pictures in our blog.
© studioflox.de, 2014
Conzept & production: Studio Flox GmbH
Director: Maximilian Zenk
DP/Stop Motion: Florian Haßler
Sounddesign: Gerd Böttler
Music: Markus Götze
Voice talent: Adrian Turner
Recording: Tonstudio Frau Schübel
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